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Support the adventure and get cool stuff.

Every little bit helps. Donate any amount you like and you’ll have our eternal gratitude!

How about a shout-out? Donate $5 and we’ll give you a shout-out in our next video to say thanks!

How about a random souvenir? Donate $10 and we’ll send you a trinket from one of our stops. Hint – it’ll probably have to fit in an envelope.

Get a cool T-shirt from along the road. Donate $30 and we’ll send you a fun t-shirt from one of our stops.

How about some gas money? Buy us a tank of gas and we’ll be able to go farther! Contribute $50 for gas and we’ll give you a shout-out and send you a souvenir from our travels (hey, some of that’s gotta pay for gas).

Put us up for the night. No, really, we’re tired of sleeping in the car. Donate $100 for a night in a motel and we’ll give you an extra huge shout-out and an extra special souvenir from the road.

Speaking of a place to stay. Check out our road trips on our blog and let us know if we’re passing by your town. If you’ve got a spare room, or a corner of the floor, we’d love to visit! Jump on over to our about us page and drop us a note.

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